Writer’s Bio

My name is Charles Olivier. The photo above is me and my wife, Elize Olivier. We have one lovely daughter, Bithiah, a son-in-law, Nathaniel and a beautiful, and much-loved granddaughter, Alyssa . We are a very tight-knit family. I have three siblings, namely an older brother and sister and one brother younger than myself.

I studied a BSc-degree, at the University of the Western Cape, and a BA-degree and B.Ed.-degree, at the Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education. In the social sciences I majored in Psychology and Biblical Studies. I did a special course in Guidance Counselling and was going on to be a Clinical Psychologist. I completed a Higher Education Diploma with UNISA. I also completed training as a Professional Architectural Technologist and a Diploma in Delphi-programming.

This and other experiences in life’s walk prepared me for the type of literary interest that later developed and influenced my writing career.

As a teacher for almost 41 years, I taught Physical Science and Biology for most of my teaching career, but also offered Computer Applications Technology and Information Technology towards the latter part of my teaching career. I was, as far back as I can remember, the Guidance Counsellor of the entire school. That included teachers, and more especially married couples. I retired as principal of Alabama Secondary School.

I proud myself of having inspired and assisted many young people, from all walks of life, in achieving goals in life that was out of reach at the time. They turned out to be successful in the careers they envisioned and persuaded.

My desire to write books started way back, in the early part of my teaching career. I was an educator for forty-one years, since 1971.

In 1978, my wife and myself, were identified with the Lord in Christian baptism and have been serving the Lord ever since. I served in different offices in church and we were actively involved in counselling both young and older believers. I also was part of the team in charge of the Young People of the Church, and it was during this time that I authored my first book, namely, For the Sake of the Children. It was originally entitled Questions Young People Ask and Wisdom unto Salvation.

I am also a lay minister of the Gospel since 1986. The books are a reflection of the type of topics I would minister on. My writing style, I would think, is a mixture of the school teacher in me and the preaching. I also authored three CAT study books during the latter part of my educational career. These books were titled Approved, and contained notes, questions and answers for Computer Applications Technology for grades 10, 11 and 12.

My books originally were available in printed form, but with the rising cost in the printing industry, I have reverted to eBooks and soon to come Audio Books. I also intend establishing Internet based courses for the school-related content.